SUNSHINE electronic is a broad line independent supplier of electronic components,specializing in hard-to-find and long lead-time products.

We are a very young and dynamic company,with the good customer service, efficient global supply chain and the most competitive price ,we have built up strong relationship with lots of customers from European countries, Asian countries, and other countries all over the world and provide integrated circuits, semiconductors and passives to the world’s biggest OEM's and contract manufacturers.

Why Sunshine

1.Customer-Oriented Distribution
In the past years ,Sunshine is dedicated to supplying design engineers and buyers with the reallocated, obselted and long lead-time, newest products and leading-edge technologies combined with unsurpassed customer service.

2. Broad Product Line
Sunshine is your one source for all board-level components and associated development tools utilized for total project design.Besides ,we also source original obsolete parts ,source all possible worldwide channels , and make sure customers receive a quick delivery of quality product.


Sunshine Electronic has its own QC team, can monitor and control the quality during the whole process including in-coming, storage, and delivery and etc . And we investigate supplier credit qualification thoroughly, to control the quality since the very beginning.

Contracted with the global authorities third party testing power, by using the most advance testing machine, each the high precision part is tested strictly to ensure that its stability and compatibility can meet its own specification.

Anti-static, moisture-proof and demage-prevetion method & package will be adopted strictly during the stock and delivery procedure. We undertake the responsibility to return or replace the parts which exactly have quality issues.

*Visual Inspection
*X-ray Inspection
*Marking Permanency Test
*De-capsulation Test
*Pin Assignment Test
*PB Free / RoHS Test
*Electrical Test
*Functional Test